Hello! I am Aaron Shaver a 19 year old photographer and am a sophomore film major at Virginia Commonwealth University. I have been taking photos for about 6 years. Most of my photographs are taken in rural West Virginia (Pendleton County area).

I specialize in landscape and wildlife photography but I have recently started doing portraiture as well. I use my camera to show others what I see when I go outside. Of course, a photograph is merely secondhand, however; I strive to give the viewer a way of also feeling like a witness through vividness and depth. 

Nature is what helped me develop my talent. It has changed the way I see everyday things. By taking advantage of what surrounds us I capture the moments that do not last long, the moments that are extraordinary. To me photography is the best way to freeze time, to have a scene to fall back on. Through composition and light, I present to you my perspective and outlook on the everyday things we can easily miss.